Washington DC

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Instead of April in Paris, this year was Cherry Blossom time in D.C.  This city is one of our favorites in the world.   Besides the capital of the United States, it is a wonderful city, with many monuments, museums and parks.  The weather was typical for spring, sunny and then overcast and rainy.  We spent the time indoors as well as out and visited with the Tornello's, family from Laura's side.

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Among the new monuments since we last visited, the addition of the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial, and the Korean War memorial outdoors were extremely attractive, despite the light rain. It actually may have reduced the crowds, to our benefit.  

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The most recent addition to the Vietnam War memorial is a tribute to the Vietnam nurses,

These ladies were right in the middle of the shooting, dealing with the horrors of war while representing a connection with home... and civilization.

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We noticed the closeness of planes on final approach, but never dreamed of the future...

We were more concerned about accidents, than terrorism.