Wallace Kachadoorian



Wallace Kachadoorian  was a native of Waltham, Massachusetts.  His stage name was Wallace Dorian.

Regardless of the formalities, legalities or context,  he will forever remain Bruzzy to those that knew him best. 

Bruzzy was Laura's cousin and their families were very close when they were growing up.  Laura's earliest and strongest memory of Bruzzy was his desire to become an actor.  He accomplished his dream and was finally enjoying success and recognition when he left us - far too soon.  Bruzzy seemed like a bit of a rebel, with a keen wit and sense of humor.  He was very much like his mother, Rose.  Their families enjoyed many holidays and vacations together - filled with fun and laughter.  That is what will be most remembered.


The picture on the left is Bruzzy playing catch with Laura's father in the backyard of the home the two families shared for several years after WWII.
The picture on the right is Bruzzy (in the white shirt) with his mother and his older brother, Lennie (far right) and younger brother, Guy in the center.



Here is the family celebrating Laura's 1st birthday.
Front Row from Left to Right - Victor Papadinis, Bruzzy Kachadoorian, Laura's mother, Laura and her brother Al.  
Back Row from Left to Right - Pauline and Charlie Papadinis, Rose Kachadoorian, Lennie Kachadoorian and Bruzzy's paternal grandmother.