Trixi was an addition we didn't discover much about.  We assume she too was released in the Alta Loma foothills, like Muffin was.  
She appeared in our driveway on August 3rd, 2000 and Laura couldn't bear to have her go to the animal shelter.  
Initially we were trying to find her owners or a good home for her.

trixi on the deck.jpg (607586 bytes)

She quickly worked her way into our hearts  
Besides being extremely smart and lively, she had a "clingy"  nature and loved to cuddle and follow us everywhere... 

 She contracted bone cancer (hip) and passed September 5th, 2006.  She left us far too soon and is a little friend that will never be forgotten.  
She remains perpetually "on guard" by the driveway she walked up, to adopt us.  

She is the high water mark for any that may take that same path.