Seattle, WA

Up Fort Lewis E.M.P.

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Seattle was a fun, lively city, and the attractions were many.    We had a WONDERFUL meal in the Space Needle the first night in town.  Yes, it was a "touristy" thing to do, but much to our surprise, the quality of the service and meal were better than the view, which was BREATHTAKING!  We discovered this was no fluke, for there were many fine restaurants downtown, along with  good hotels abounding.  The hills however, were very tough, as we walked everywhere.

We toured the Boeing plant in Everrett and saw how 747's were built.  Sorry, no pictures due to security reasons.

The next highlight was our visit to FORT LEWIS to the south where Otto was in Boot Camp over 30 years ago.

The best visit was to the Experience Music Project, just a few miles and minutes via monorail ride from our hotel.

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The Street People were REALLY something to behold.  We now understand the term "GRUNGE".

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The most unusual one was right outside the EMP, and was entertaining us with caricature puppets and CD "singing".

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It is a town with interesting architecture.   This is a 20+ story office building located in the heart of downtown.   A week before this  picture was taken, Seattle had a 5+ Richter scale temblor.  I am sure the occupants of this building were "shaken up", in more ways than one...

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The Bellingham Naval base allowed a visit to the Daniel Joy, instrumental in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.