The day after the 2008 Presidential Election, Sadie wandered into our lives.  
The was found running ON THE FREEWAY in Covina, California mid day.  Dangerous, to say the least.  
She was brought into the Dilbeck Claremont Real Estate office, Laura took one look, and the rest is history...


No tags, no collar, no chip, no reported loss.  She quickly became a member of the family.  
When we named her, there was a leaning to call her Sarah, given her obvious Alaskan Husky lineage, 
but we were so put off by her namesake, Otto decided on Sadie instead.

We have determined that she is a puppy, no more than 4 1/2 months old.  
As a result, she is a training challenge, but she is extremely smart.
She is also a handful for Bill, as we are going through the "alpha dog" process.
We are using
July 4th as her designated birthday.