Red Arrow Jazz Club

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The Red Arrow Jazz Club was a venue, specializing in Dixieland, that existed from 1951 until mid 1960. It was located in Stickney, Illinois, just Southwest of Chicago, and West of the "sleepy" town of Cicero.  From 1959 until 1962 it was the largest privately owned jazz venue under roof in the Chicago area.  It seated over 350 and often had "standing room only" audiences during special concerts.  It was the brainchild of Otto J. Kubik Sr., my father. 

The Red Arrow was once described as: 

"a landmark not only in the history of jazz, but in the pages of Chicago history.  Once a meeting place for big-time mobsters and their ladies, it was also one of the real roarers of the Roarin' Twenties.  Over the years it has mellowed into an extremely hospitable place where informality is the keyword and Jazz is STILL King."  Robert Peck

These web pages chronicle the history and performers.  I grew up, listening to these performers and wish I could share the warmth of their sounds of music with you as well.  We have a limited number of short "clips" here to help give a feeling of being there.  These are very limited in length and content.   Unfortunately you'll have to rely on personal recordings and memory to really go back.  


Otto J Kubik