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We decided to spend a long weekend in the BIG APPLE recently, and had a whirlwind visit of friends and seeing the sights.  Our thanks to the proprietors of Chez Murphy in Butler, NJ for the wonderful accomodations and hospitality.

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Here they are, standing in front of the 38 foot "MURPHY-MOBILE"

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By the way, the above islands are CLEARLY in New Jersey waters,  not in New York City/State as many in NYC would have you believe.  Thank you Ernie, NOW are you satisfied?

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To go to a place that our grandparents immigrated through nearly a century ago was a real thrill.   How frightened they must have been, not knowing the language, what was in store for them, or even if they would be allowed entry...

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While the exterior was warm and inviting, the interior was typical for government buildings, pretty forboding and utilitarian.  We followed the typical path on an immigrant, viewing pictures and documents from the period.   We are glad we are already here...

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The Statue of Liberty was impressive and the original torch is currently on display, inside the pedestal.

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In addition to visiting the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island complex, we had a wonderful dinner cruise around Manhattan on WORLD YACHT, and saw CONTACT, a great Broadway Show at the Lincoln Center.  Many thanks to the Murphys' for being such great hosts...

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We also visited some old/new friends at Casa de Thul in Martensville, NJ and swapped stories.  Incidentally, Larry operates a primo East Coast machining operation.  Just click the logo and you'll get there...

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