On Saturday April 12th, 2008 Muffin left us, and was a fighter to the very end.  She had celebrated her 18th birthday just 11 days earlier and lived a very full life.
For  years she would fight her way up and down the stairs, and would amble along on her "walks" at a snails pace.  
Despite her blindness and being all but deaf, she insisted in trying to maintain a "normal life".
She spent her last hours, laying in the front yard, enjoying a cool breeze and digesting a meal of beef tenderloin from
Mario's Place.
We doubt these's a better way to go...


Muffin was a stray in the Alta Loma foothills, dodging local coyotes for at least 6 months. 
 She emerged from the shadows each night while we walked Fritz and just as quickly disappeared into the shadows. 
 After several months of this "cat and mouse" behavior, she and Fritz fell in love and became inseparable.

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Just like Fritz, Muffin's age and birth date are unknown. 
Our educated guessing has determined that her appointed birthday is April 1, 1990. 

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Muffin has an affinity for pork chops, which may explain her interest in Winston, one of the neighbors.

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Travel is endured, and she partakes of room service at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara to "take the edge off".

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It's difficult being the Queen...