Louis Kubik


1912 - 2009

What can you say about the "end of a generation" that doesn't sound syrupy and overstated, while still true?
He left us Sunday December 6th, 2009 and his passing marks the end of a family era.


Louie as he was known to all, was born May 13th, 1912 somewhere near Antigo, Wisconsin.   
He  was the last born of the first generation of US Kubik's, and literally Otto Sr.'s baby brother by 18 years.
The two didn't know each other while Louie was growing up.  One could question if Otto ever really grew up.
They did bond as adults, with many interactions revolving around hunting and fishing.

Louie was married to Helen for over 70 years, and whenever we were in Chicago visiting, 
we would first go to Louie and Helen's home, 
and then make a "family pilgrimage" to the Bohemian Crystal for dinner.

He had several business ventures in Chicago working for himself, first in auto repair and the last in a bar and sink top business.
Unfortunately we don't have any photos.


One of Otto's favorite stories about dear Uncle Louie reflects his own (as well as the families general character) the best.  
It became a ritual for various friends and family members to have brown bag lunches at Kubik's Auto Repair in Berwyn, about once a week.  
Louie was a regular. Otto Sr. infrequently went there, and after Otto's Sr.'s passing, Otto took his place when possible.  
The lunch diners also include the shop employees as a captive audience, and friends who were brave enough to come. 
While "dining", they discussed current events, with the topics ALWAYS being controversial.  
Many heated discussions were started and "settled" during these lunch breaks.  

Something Otto noticed over the years was that Louie tended to be the catalyst that added heat.  
Louie often took differing positions on the same subject, dependent on the day and how vigorous the discussions developed.  
After a great deal of reflection on this conundrum, one day Otto had an epiphany.
Louie loved to "stir things up"  and then leave!  
He was a master of escape, sneaking, out usually unnoticed during the height of the fray... 

He has now joined Rudy Sr., Otto Sr. and of course his life-long friend and business partner Bob Halm.  
We suspect they are once again, meeting for lunch with Louie is stirring things up.

Which raises the question, is Louie still "sneaking away"?

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