Goodbye Fritz


Fritz was a stray, the  "PET OF THE WEEK" at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter that adopted us on Valentines Day in 1988.  
Since we didn't know anything about him, we and our vet guessed at his age and decided October 31st 1987 was reasonably close to his actual
birth date

Fritz in Sweats.jpg (349894 bytes)

In retrospect, Halloween was a perfect choice.  
He loved the visits of the Trick or Treaters, considering them guests to his birthday celebration.  
He got dressed up, visited the neighbors houses for treats and always "scored" big time...

we got  MOST of his "Snickers".

wXMAS gifts.jpg (807951 bytes) sitting fritz.jpg (345283 bytes)  unwrapping XMAS.jpg (591826 bytes)

He enjoyed Christmas and unwrapping presents.    Most remember him as an entertainer and beggar at those holiday parties.

IN the POOL.jpg (503060 bytes)   Santa Barbara 4 Seasons-toweling off wLaura.jpg (356998 bytes)  running on the beach-a.jpg (42089 bytes)

He enjoyed walks in the hills and a cooling dip afterward. 
Traveling was a pleasure and he loved the "road trips" to Carmel, Monterey and Santa Barbara Four Seasons.  
Besides the run in the surf chasing the seabirds, there was the toweling off. 
And cracked crab at Stearns Wharf.  
And swordfish from Sardine Factory, steaks from Buds Too 
ANYTHING from Mario's Place in Riverside.   Quite the gourmand...

xmas-with Santa.jpg (649843 bytes)   Winston.jpg (183653 bytes)

Everywhere he went he made friends.   We nicknamed him "Mister Rodgers" because of all the friends he made in the neighborhood. 
He charmed another stray which we later named Muffin to join us, made a friend of a pig named Winston, as well as a tough, one-eyed street cat named Rocky.

on the Wall at home.jpg (768981 bytes)

But best of all, was his friendship and the unconditional love he gave us... 

Sorely missed,  never to be forgotten...

Born October 31st, 1987           Deceased March 22nd, 2000