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What is the point of a visit to Scotland without seeing one of it's 102 distilleries?  GLENTURRET is the oldest, and is an hour outside of Edinburgh in the North.  It is very quaint and modern in its facilities. Great food as well as whisky and is a favorite among locals for large parties.

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This was a Christmas party from a local retirement home.  Notice the "crackers" and paper hats.

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It is also final resting place for "Towser", the distillery cat that lived 24 years!  They claim the nip of whisky in milk added to Towsers longevity.  Towser is in the Guiness Book for records, not for longevity, but for Mousing.

Over it's life, it supposedly caught 28,899 mice!

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In addition to the wonderful drinking and dining area, they have the cleanest and nicest restrooms in all of Europe.

Sorry, no pictures, you'll have to trust us on this one!