Franz Jackson



After having played beyond his 95th birthday, the years caught up with him.  
Yes, you read that right, he was
over 95 and still playing at clubs!  The photos below are about 15 years old.


Franz was a dear friend to the entire Kubik family for over 50 years.  He was far more than a performer, he was a friend and extended family member.


The photos below were taken at the HIDEAWAY and were my mother's favorite trips, whenever both Franz and I were in town.



I dare not tell you what they were talking about during this exchange, but you probably can guess if you knew my mother.  
She wasn't shy about anything and loved to tease and embarrass Franz.  And me.

She is undoubtedly is doing precisely that to him, right now.

St. James Infirmary  with permission of Michelle Jewel and the estate of Franz R. Jackson

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