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The current Kubik "Family Tree" began in the early 1890's with the immigration of John Sr. and Barbara from Bohemia to the USA.  They had eight children, six boys and 2 girls.   The boys names were Otto, Rudolph, John Jr., Edward, Charles and Louis.   The girls were Mae and Tillie.  All had families of their own, with the exception of Tillie who remained unmarried and was the most adventurous with her world travel.  Mae married into the Dulla family.

Otto was the eldest and most "married" member of the Kubik clan, more than making up for Tille.  In 1949 he and Nina Lou Woitovich (Otto's 4th and 5th wife) had a son, Otto Jr. 

For more about the Woitovich branch, click here for a link to Susan Woitovich's (Otto Jr.'s cousin) web page.

In 1968 Otto Jr. and his first wife Gemma Rochetti had a daughter, Stefanie Ann.  On April 10th 1999, Stefanie and Mr. Andrew (Drew) Barrett were married.  Click here to view the Kubik/Barrett Wedding Photos if you dare...

In 1987 Otto Jr. remarried.  He and Laura Jean Sarnessian Kubik currently reside in Alta Loma, California.  They are the primary subjects of this web site.


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