F.D.R. Memorial


FDR statue wdog.jpg (25120 bytes)

This picture is special, as it shows some polished areas on the bronze statues.

Notice where they are.  Apparently they like to rub the dog for luck,

and PULL FDR's finger for ???

Mighty strange custom...

FDR LJK w brass dog.jpg (25021 bytes)FDRnOJK.jpg (40784 bytes)

Laura did rub the dog for luck, but I refused to participate in this quaint custom...

FDR plaque.jpg (68260 bytes)

Why don't ALL politicians remember this?

FDR waterfall2.jpg (31534 bytes)FDR waterfall3.jpg (32019 bytes)

FDR soup line wOJK2.jpg (25520 bytes)

What is HE doing in the soup line?