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The castle was magnificent, and the surrounding views were equally breathtaking.  The hill known as "the mound" was the principal area of the original town.  We later learned that Old Edinburgh was known as "AULD RIKKEY"  due to the lack of sanitary sewers and the custom of dumping the chamber pots out the windows at night.  This continued until the 1800's.    Must have made it an adventure returning from the pubs late at night...

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The fortifications changed hands many times over the centuries, and today is still an active military installation.

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We were fortunate enough to be on hand for millitary wedding in the chapel at the top of the hill.  The bagpiper leading the procession down the hill was a lovely touch.

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No, this wasn't one of the rounds used on the cannon shown above, this is a "blank" used in the "One O 'Clock Gun" that is used to set the time each day around Edinburgh.  The reason for the selection of 1 PM instead of Noon is simply thrift, shooting once instead of 12 times each day.

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One must like a people that love animals.  This headstone is one of many in the Pet Cemetary at the Castle, for canine veterans that had fallen while serving...