Dining and Such


During the stay in Edinburgh, we had occasion to imbibe spirits and dine in search of genuine Scottish cuisine.  There were numerous places with great people, food and drink.  Here are our favorites.

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This character was one of the bartenders at Deacon Brodies Tavern.  He named himself Elvis after his favorite show business personality.  Despite being a Welshman,  he was a Scotch whisky afficionado and insisted that

"real whisky has no "E" in it's spelling".

He said this with the same moral voracity as the people who claim

"there is no "I" in team".

We had 8 of the 102 malt whisky possibilites in this establishment, along with great pub food and our first sampling of HAGGIS.

Not bad!!  Or was it the whisky...

Another wonderful spot is unfortunately without a picture to accompany it. 

This is Winter Glen, a fine formal dining establishment which offers Modern Scottish Cuisine.  This place has impeccable decor, food, drink and attitude.  It is a MUST DINE for an intimate, fine meal at reasonable prices.   

The principals are Mr. Winter the chef, and Mr. Glen, the man at the front acting as Maitre' d, Sommelier, etc. 


This has NOTHING TO DO WITH DINING, but needed to be mentioned.

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For the BEST IN TOURING, day trips are great through Rabbie's Trail Blazers at 207 High Street.  Our guide for all days was "Ross", a well traveled Scotsman from the West side of the country.  His intimate knowledge of the history and customs makes him invaluable as a guide.  His attitude and personality make traveling with him an absolute pleasure.  If you see him, say hello for us...