"Dee" Stickney





Delphine "Dee" Stickney was a citizen of the world, and an unforgettable persona.  She was driven, and an organizer.

She raised a marvelous family, mostly outside the US while her husband "Hank" served a full career in the US Air Force.  A highly independent and outspoken person, she followed her beliefs, disregarding the potential impact.  Right and wrong were very clear to her.  She actively protested the Viet Nam War, while her husband participated in it, a very courageous thing to do for a career officer's wife.

She was passionate in all things.  We will never forget her, cheering for her beloved Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, despite the score.  

She treated her friends with the same passion and we consider ourselves fortunate to be counted among them.