Chris Barber


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Chris Barber and his group appeared at the Red Arrow a number of times between 1958 and 1961, typically on Sunday afternoon or night concerts.  During this period his group and Franz Jackson's had "jam sessions".  

During a recent email from Chris, I was reminded of such a session which involved Al Wynn, Franz and Bob Shoffner playing during an Ottilie Patterson tune.  We have donated all tapes recorded at the Red Arrow to University of Chicago - Chicago Jazz Archive.  Debbie Gillspie curator has been kind enough to turn around much of the media, but this session is still among those being "restored".

To get more information on Chris Barber, follow this link to his website.  

If you look closely, you'll find some of the more unusual art work painted directly on the walls by the local artist, Robert Dulla.  Many of these were "inspired" by the copious number of free martini's consumed during the painting. Some hallucinations were also attributed to the #3 red dye used in treating the stuffed olives.