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We set sail from Fort Lauderdale on the Grand Princess October 18th and visited Princess Cay, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cozumel with our friends Ernie and Genny Murphy.  Here is an early version of "Cocktail Hour".  What other cruise line delivers drinks directly in the surf?

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We met the Captain during his hosted Cocktail Party, on the second formal night.  Later in the cruise, we would question his choice of routes and words.  He described the Force Eight Gale winds of hurricane Michelle as being "a fresh breeze across our bow". Righhhhht!

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"Luucy, jew got some 'splainin to do..."

Actually, this was after a cooking demonstration and galley tour the day we crossed paths with hurricane Michelle.  The restaurants were mighty empty that day...   However we and the Murphy's, being  more courageous than most,  forced down a few Bloody Mary's, and dined in Toscano.