Burgy Tomasek


Burgy was an old school chum, not just from high school, but grade school as well.  We lived in a cloistered little hamlet called Stickney, Illinois.  There we learned from the educational system and each other, in a idyllic setting that has seemingly disappeared from the U.S.

haley reunion 033.jpg (7898 bytes)

Burgy and I hadn't seen each other since high school, but he once again made his presence felt during the Class of 1963 HALEY SCHOOL Reunion held in 2001.  I didn't attend, due to an error that declared me as deceased on the class rolls.  I recently re-connected with those classmates and learned of his passing.  Quite an irony.

I will remember Burgy as a bright, lively individual, with a curious mind and a warm heart.  I often think of the times we shared, particularly our science projects.