Bill joined us on February 15th 2008, 20 years nearly to the day, after Fritz.  

He was found with another Dachshund, a  caramel colored female at the top of Haven Avenue, near our home.  


Since it's an election year and they appeared to be a couple, the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter personnel named them Bill and Hillary.  Bill was, shall we say, "highly active".  
While it was our preference to keep them together and actually wanted both, it just was not to be.  The shelter personnel split them up and we got only Bill.  We still hope for the best...


He was estimated to be 4 years old and we have decided his birthday will be Valentines Day.   

He and Muffin are getting accustomed to each other and appear to be ambivalent.  

Perhaps we should rename Muffin "Hillary"?