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While touring the Inland Passage with Domaine Chandon's Wine Club, a group numbering over 400 on the Regal Princess, we consumed a tremendous amount of wine, saw breathtaking sights, and made some new friends.

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It all began in Vancouver, BC with a visit to the Seal Rescue Group.

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Here we are in Skagway, "double parked".  Ours is the one on the left.

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Here's Ahab, getting dressed for our "paddle" down the Chilkat River, in the eagle refuge.

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The river was alive with paired eagles, and their young. What impressed us most was eagles mate for life.

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For those of you that think the only way to get up close to a glacier in Glacier Bay is to be on board a much  smaller boat, better guess again.  This is a deck shot, followed by an iceberg being "calved" as viewed from our balcony. 

This is close enough for me...

glacier bay-seals on berg.jpg (813570 bytes)

The calved bergs quickly become inhabited.

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Seems like anywhere we go, Laura finds a dog to pet.  This one was in Juneau.

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Here is one of 2 bears we "bagged" while in Alaska.  The other is bronze.