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Otto J. Kubik has held positions ranging from Cost Accountant to VP/CFO. 

 His background includes over 25 years in a  manufacturing environment, with 25 years of Controllership/CFO experience.

"Make no mistake, I am not just a bean-counter.  I am a problem solver, with extensive turn-around experience.   
Previous assignments have included functional responsibility for Industrial Engineering, Information Systems and Human Resources.  
 In addition I have done pre-acquisition evaluation, which later resulted in multi-location operations.  
I have  consolidated 2 foreign manufacturing operations (located in different countries) under the same roof.  
I am hands on, very Cost Accounting and computer literate, and thoroughly enjoy a challenge."

"During the last 10 years I was CFO of a multi-national, multi unit supplier of rubber and molded products, 
Financial Director of an multi-national manufacturer of  high tech computer based measurement equipment
 and a VP/CFO/Treasurer of an multi-national, multi-unit high tech connector company ".

"The ideal company will be highly motivated to demand excellence, yet forgive minor mistakes.  
 The company environment and  culture must be modified, so organizational change is viewed as a positive and continuous evolutionary process.  
If employees perceive management as disorganized and whimsical with changes, the entire organization will suffer.

" I am an organizational  mentor, an agent of change, favoring simple, yet elegant solutions.   
Far too often, employees see change as a personal threat,  instead of a natural and necessary business process. " 

"Good managers take that fear away.  
Great ones will EXCITE them,  allowing employees to become willing participants, 
and in some cases major contributors to the thing they feared"