Karl Kubik


1962 - 2009

Otto's cousin Karl was someone who grew older, but never lost his youthful ebullience.  

Born in suburban Chicago July 7th 1962, he was half of the Kubik twins, and is survived by his brother Keith, as well as his parents, Rudy and Helen.  
One of Otto's favorite stories about the twins goes back to their infancy and his  teen years.
  While visiting Rudy and Helen with his girlfriend and wife-to-be, he wanted to impress her and played on the floor with one of the boys.  
The other, apparently jealous, snuck up behind him and soundly bit his butt.   Karl left lasting impressions on everyone he met. 

He tried several business ventures in Chicago including working for himself, but apparently his traveling while in show business gave him permanent case of  "traveling shoes".  
As a result, he left Chicago and worked all over the US. 
However he had a particular affinity for New York City, and lived in and around there several times.

"Cuz" was a creative and artistic individual, with a quick wit and quicker smile.
Whenever we saw Karl, we never saw him frown, he smiled brightly and it was infectious.  
Karl left us far too early and will be deeply missed, but remembered with an equally
bright smile.

First his, and then ours...